Full Screen Exclusive

The source for this sample can be found in the Khronos Vulkan samples github repository.


This code sample demonstrates how to incorporate the Vulkan extension VK_EXT_full_screen_exclusive. This extension provides a solution for the full screen exclusion issue on Windows prior to the 11 version. Windows prior to 11 cannot correctly get an exclusive full screen window, VK_EXT_full_screen_exclusive is applicable on Windows prior to version 11 platform alone.


This sample provides a detailed procedure to activate full screen exclusive mode on Windows applications. Users can switch display modes from: 1) windowed, 2) borderless fullscreen, and 3) exclusive fullscreen using keyboard inputs.


Configuring the swapchain create info using full screen exclusive extension DOES NOT automatically set the application window to full screen mode. The following procedure shows how to activate full screen exclusive mode correctly:

1) recreate the swapchain using full screen exclusive. 2) recreate the frame buffers with the new swapchain. 3) configure the application window to fullscreen mode 4) execute the acquire full screen exclusive EXT call.